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”Enthusiams is the real secret of success” according to Walter Percy Chrysler, the founder of the company with the same name. The enthusiasm for fashion is what drives us here at Takko Fashion and what has turned us for nearly 30 years into one of the largest fashion distributors in Europe.
Takko group currently works with over 1700 stores in 16 European countries: Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Poland, Croatia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Estonia, Switzerland, Italy and Serbia.

Takko Fashion joined the Romanian market in 2007, when the first store was opened at Arad and we’ve been growing ever since then…

The success of Takko stores so far is due to a large extent to the high variety of products and to our affordable prices. Nevertheless we wanted to offer more. Therefore …
From the beginning of 2010 Takko got a new look. The ample rebranding process launched by Holding has the effect of a makeover. This way Takko became more youthful, more attractive, more modern, sophisticated, everything needed to improve your shopping experience.

So far we have accustomed our clients to the latest trends on small prices, a high diversity of clothing items for the entire family, attractive offers and outstanding promotions, friendly staff ….. and we will not give these up in the future..

The in house designers of Takko Fashion create stylish and fresh collections. They make complete fashion themes and provide full outfits in stores. A great extent of the models is directly imported. Thus, Takko Fashion is able to manufacture at reasonable prices and react quickly to the market changes. The complex quality tests guarantee the high standards which Takko Fashion employs for its products. The result: good value for money.

The offers, promotions and the current catalogues are constantly on our website 

Besides the attractive offer, the outstanding quality and affordable prices the current position of the stores has taken a part in the success of Takko Fashion. The new design of the stores corresponds to the latest standards, by presenting complete outfits, concise guidance and modern panels.
Over 16.500 employees in sales and at the headquarters from Telgte, Westfalia, are in charge of satisfying customers’ wishes

Our brands...

Whether you are young ladies passionate about fashion or sophisticated ladies - Takko Fashion offers the latest fashion trends and classical and practical clothing items with sizes that range between 36 to 42. The same applies for women sized 42 to 54, for who Takko Fashion designed a different department.  

Gents can find at Takko Fashion sports items with sizes ranging from S to XXL. There are also basic jeans, as well as outdoor fashionable jackets.

Children and teenagers with sizes from 92 to 176, can get their outfits from Takko Fashion for a trendy appearance at kindergarten or school. Even babies get complete outfits. The babies range includes items from size 50.

... for ladies

Colours of the world is our modern casual line. The collection includes simple and casual outfits to wear during your free time.

Flame is our modern feminine collection which points out the femininity of our women customers.

Crazy World is our collection for the young ladies passionate about fashion.

Maxi Blue is the modern range for sizes 42-54, which advantages every shape.

...for gents

Chapter is our collection dedicated to the young stylish men, who want to dress trendy and casually at the same time

...for teenage girls

Crash One is dedicated to sophisticated young ladies always in tune with the fashion either at school or in their free time.

...for teenage boys

Dognose is the cool collection for casual boys who want to make a statement with fashionable outfits.

...for little children

Dopodopo Mini Girls and Dopodopo Mini Boys include nice outfits for the little ones starting from the age of 2.

...for babies

Dopodopo Mini Baby Girls and Dopodopo Mini Baby Boys are our modern collections for the little ones.

Also, Takko Fashion offers underwear for the entire family: from sports socks and underwear for the little ones to women sensual lingerie.
To brighten up any outfit we offer modern accessories like bags, belts, necklaces and earrings.

There is one thing for sure: in our stores besides our staff you will find the solutions to an outstanding outfit with a good value for money.

We’ll be waiting for you in our stores!

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Polus Center Cluj
Monday – Sunday: 10.00 – 22.00

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